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Afghan national museum is reopened with the permission of Taliban

Kabul The national museum of Afghanistan is welcoming guests and displaying pre-Islamic artefacts with the blessing of the Taliban, in stark contrast to the time when the Taliban racked up and closed the museum during their final time in the power.

A small group of people wandered through the vast exhibit halls in Kabul during the time AFPrecently was there admiring the collection of treasures from paintings Stone Age pottery to ancient coins and items of religious significance.

“It’s inborn in humans that they attach value to their history,” said Rahmatullah 65 after looking at a collection of ancient swords dating back 2,000 years.

“I wanted to know more about the history of my country. It has a special place in my heart”.

The museum was reopened in the latter part of November after receiving permission from Taliban’s newly-created ministry of information and culture, three months after the Taliban took over the helm and ended their decade-long insurgency.

A few artifacts that are on display are in direct opposition to the Taliban’s radical philosophies, including ceramic collections that feature pictures of humans and animals.

In their initial rule from 1996 to 2001, Taliban fighters destroyed items such as statues and the museum. Tens of thousands of objects were taken and never returned.

In the same time they also blow up 1,500-year-old gigantic Buddha statues within the center of Bamiyan valley.

However, Taliban fighters now protect both the treasures of the museum from attacks by militants.

According to the chief curator Ainuddin Sadaqat, there has been no attempt to limit what’s displayed.

The only thing is that “15 to 20 percent of exhibits are of Islamic heritage” The 35-year-old said to AFP.

“We also have visitors from the Taliban,” who often visit the museum in huge in large numbers, Sadaqat said.

The reopening comes as Taliban portray an image of moderateness as they claim to be seeking billions of dollars of international aid, which was suspended following the collapse of the Western-backed government, and to have sanctions removed, AFPreported.

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