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Another Lagend Abdul Qadeer Khan Passed Away in Islamabad, Pakistan

The world-renowned scientist from Pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Passed Away, 85 died on Sunday following his health began to decline.

The Dr. AQ Khan is considered the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear program . He is regarded as a hero because he created Pakistan’s first atomic bomb. Muslim world’s first nuclear bomb.

Dr . Abdul Qadeer Khan’s condition began to decline on Saturday night and Dr. Khan was taken in the KRL hospital on Sunday in an ambulance at 6:15 am.

Sources say that the nuclear scientist was experiencing breathing difficulties and was then taken into the medical facility. But, his health took an unexpected turn when his lungs began to bleed.

Doctors attempted to save the world-renowned scientist’s life, but they were unable to save him and he died at 7:04am. Doctors have confirmed that the Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away because his lungs had collapsed.

Abdul Qadeer Khan

Hospital administration are working to find a way to move the body of Dr Abdul Qadeer Kan’s to his residence in E-7. Funeral prayers for his funeral will be conducted during the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad at 3:30pm, according to the family of his.

According to Geo News, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has praised the scientist, stating that all arrangements needed were made to ensure Dr. Qadeer’s life.

Rasheed has confirmed that the government would offer an official funeral for the researcher in honor of his contribution to Pakistan.

The minister of the interior said that”Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had helped greatly with his academic activities, and that he was an inspirational leader during a time when Pakistan was experiencing an emotional time.

“He is the Mohsin-e-Pakistan.” claimed Rasheed.

Ministers later addressed an event for journalists, stating the PM Imran Khan had ordered all cabinet members to go to the funeral of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

In answer to a query funeral services will be held during the Shah Faisal Mosque, adding that people will be permitted to participate.

“He was a brilliant scientist. He was an excellent soldier and did it with respect and dedication to his work,” the minister stressed. “The whole nation is proud of his service and he will be buried in a fitting manner today at 3:30pm.”

The media was informed that security was warned for the funeral.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan became a national hero in a matter of minutes and not just in Pakistan but across the Islamic world too when in May 1998 Pakistan provided a fitting response to India by conducting nuclear tests.

After testing, Pakistan has become the first nuclear nation within the Muslim world, and was the seventh country with nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has kept Indian the threat of aggression at bay.

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