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Arif alvi is refusing the signing NAB law, saying it encourages corruption

President Arif Alvi, on Monday, refused to accept the amendments to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law, calling the latest law “regressive” in nature.

In a letter to the prime minister he wrote “In view of the ‘deeming’ provision under Article 75 (2) of the Constitution of Pakistan, the National Accountability (Amendment) Bill, 2022 will be enact into law even if the President of Pakistan does not sign the Bill”.

In his explanation of his decision not to accept the bill President Obama state “I believe the Bill as pass by the Parliament is regressive in nature, it will promote corruption by ensuring that the long arm of the law has been crippled”.

Based on Alvi, “It is also a message to the corrupt who have amassed tremendous wealth, of which there is no doubt in the minds of the people of Pakistan, that they are not accountable and are free to continue to plunder”.

He said that with these changes “the corrupt rich will remain free to continue with their blood sucking abhorrent practices”.

“Having weak accountability is against the basic rights of the people of Pakistan who are the suffering masses, and therefore, it is also against the fundamentals of our Constitution itself,” the lawyer continued to say.

In a discussion about the problems with NAB law, Alvi said that there were issues with NAB Law, Alvi said there were “flaws” in the law as viewed by judges.

“This law, like other laws that confer authority on the executive was use to satisfy political reasons by the people who were in charge. Due to this, and the importance of interest groups the accountability system in Pakistan was largely ineffective.”

“While the public clamoured for return of looted wealth, the long judicial processes involved, and ineffective prosecution actually made it very difficult to expose, prevent and eliminate corruption,” the judge lamented.

“A determination to improve the law was urgently require. Our experience over the last several decades should have influenced us in the direction of modifying the law, stop its pitfalls to close loopholes and strengthen it,” he said, noting that the modifications to the law proposed by the PML-N “least likely”.

He stated that the initiatives of the previous administrations were discarded and the concept of accountability, despite being defended was degraded beyond recognition.

“It is sad that rather than structurally improving the institution, the enactment of these amendments is like demolishing the process of accountability without an alternate system being in place, making it sterile and allowing extractive institutions and practices to prosper,” said the lawmaker. stated, adding that “Weak laws such as this one, create a facade of justice that blatantly hides a corrupt elite capture, and nations that accommodate such laws ensure a very damaging exploitation of the common man, perpetuating an unjust society.”

“I personally adhere to, defend and adhere to the Constitution of Pakistan and we have to adhere to the dictums that are contain in the Quran and Sunnah and most importantly I am accountable to Allah and request His forgiveness. This is why I am terribly sorry to say my conscience will not permit me to sign the Bill.”

The day before, Alvi refused to sign the bill that deals with electoral reforms. He also claimed that it was retrograde.

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