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Feminist group sued Miss France beauty contest over the selection criteria

Paris: A major feminist group in France announced Monday that it would be suing the promoters of Miss France beauty contest in the court of labour, claiming that they employed discriminatory criteria to choose contestants.

The “Osez le feminisme” (Dare to be a Feminist) group, together with three contestants who failed have claimed that they are targeting Miss France company and Endemol Production, which makes the annual television show that airs through the TF1 channel.

The plaintiffs assert that the firms are infringing French labour law by using discriminatory selection criteria , requiring hopeful beauty queens to be over 1.70 meters tall, single or “representative of beauty”.

The French labor code of conduct prohibits businesses from discriminating against employees based on “morals, age, family status or physical appearance,” Violaine De Filippis-Abate an attorney representing Osez le feminisme, told AFP.

The case, which was filed before a court of labour located in Bobigny, a Paris neighborhood of Bobigny it will be decided by whether the magistrates recognize Miss France contestants as de facto employees of the organisers as well as the TV companies.

Contestants don’t sign a formal employment contract however, the plaintiffs cite an affirmative ruling in 2013 when the former contestant in Mister France also sued for similar reasons.

The Miss France company declined to respond to a request for comment from AFP.

The next event is scheduled to be held in Caen in the northern part of France on December 11.

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