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Half of all global transfer spending is accounted for by Europe’s top 30 clubs

PARIS: Over the past decade, football clubs around the world spent $48.5 billion (41.1 million euros) on international transfers fees. This was almost half of the total FIFA reported Monday.

The report analyzed the number of international loans and transfers between FIFA’s 200 member organizations, totaling 133225 such transactions over the period 2011-2020.

The transfer market activity increased steadily, rising from 11,890 in 2011, to a peak at 18,079 in 2019, with Brazilian citizens (15,128) being the most frequent movers of foreign clubs.

Over the past decade, international transfer clubs have increased by more than 30 percent. They went from 3167 in 2011 and reached a peak of 4139 in 2019.

The top 30 most-spending clubs came from Europe, with England leading the pack with 12. Spain and Italy each had five, with Germany (three), France (both two), Portugal (both one), and Russia (1).

These clubs alone spent $22.8 billion on transfer fees over the past decade, which is 47 percent of the total global total.

FIFA also pointed out the increasing commissions that agents are paid. They jumped from 131.1million in 2011 to 640.5million two years ago. Over the decade, agents earned $3.5 billion in overseas commissions.



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