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Hedonistic Calculous – Mental Mayhem Wrath

In the realm of Gonzo Theory, an extremely complex multidimensional framework of thought, the historic ideation of hedonistic calculous lurks in the shadows of criminological theory. Today, such a notion is exceptionally relevant, especially in the ego-filled halls of academic. For that matter, the self-centered bastions of government, commerce and industry and every nook and cranny of human habitation. As to that suggestion, discussion is multifaceted. While there are always exceptions to any generalization, the focus here in on human selfishness. From that self-pleasing volition of willfulness, criminality unfolds in conspiracy and practice.

With regard to Gonzo Theory, where one major aspect is classical criminology, the immediate assertion is that of free will. In the timid yet tumultuous torture of psychic revulsion, the emotional reaction is a cavernous gasp of “oh my god”, the curse of free will unleashes the horrors of Pandora’s Box. Screams from many dominions in academia, primarily the schools of “social studies”, echo the vehemence against self-determination. Instead, to favor deterministic domination by “demonic forces”, modern day supernaturalism wears the many disguises of “mental illness”. For that, the pseudosciences pretend to be “scientific”.

In the vast influential reaches of the “social studies” philosophies, including criminology, psychology, sociology and theology, nearly every aspect of American society has been “infected”. At this point in time, it is too late to turn from the arrogance of mental mayhem and transcend to higher planes of reason and rationality. Mainstream society reached the tipping point of persistent and intentional “dumbing down” barely twenty years into the 21st century. Real scientist, as in several prominent astrophysicists, suggested the human species has less than 100 years to work out all the problems humanity creates. Willful choices are freely made and very real.

In consideration of such speculation, several scientists predicted human extinction by the end of the century. Some of them alleged the barbarity, aggression and selfishness of humans to live and work together foments the devolution of a dying species. With that, the realization that the “pursuit of pleasure”, hedonism, for maladaptive and disruptive intentions, colludes to hasten social regression. To that issue, a glance at national politics offers ample evidence of the perpetration of stupid and contentious “polybabble” for the sake of public pandering.

As to the previously mentioned cosmological efforts to study human behavior, spheres of the pseudosciences invite a range of speculation. A good story telling can really mess up a normally quiet day when the subterfuge disagrees with the status quo. The “four horsemen of the intellectual apocalypse”, criminology, psychology, sociology and theology, present conjecture offering both good and not so good possibilities for further analysis. In the not so good range, contrived stupidity often confounds the social spectrum with outright foolishness.

On the other hand, in the probability of the good range, reasonable commentary offers creative speculations as to cause and effect. Within the schemes of the not so good strata, the psychobabble is baffling. Nonetheless, all is vanity and all is allegory for the amative satiation of cracking the ultimate code that explains the human species. By fable, metaphor or even analogy of sorts, the anecdotal nature of contrived consensus is brutally reactionary.

Yet, finding the key to the dungeon of thinking, going through the keyhole into wonderland, the quest reaches an unachievable stalemate. The mission continues. Not for just primal understanding, nor even an elevated enlightenment, but the deep darkness of the black hole in revealing the universal eternity of human consciousness. However, given the devolving state of the human species, across every aspect of society, the regressive tendencies forsake the essential efficacy of intense intellectual ascension. Finding the answers may be futile.

One author for example, writing about cultural masculinity laments the “pussification of America”. As the argument goes, modern America faces a critical dilemma in which men act more like women, with a loss of profound psychosexual identity. Accordingly, if the thesis is reasonable, on or about 1960 and forward, a downward educational trend began which emphasized and promoted male weakness. In an era where the proverbial playing field defaults to the lowest common level, by which there are no winners or losers, self-centeredness flourishes.

In the “pussification” of the American culture, self-gratification replaces self-reliance. Individuation in personal evolution became abhorrent for many, in the fearful collectivist thinking of status quo divisiveness. A condescending sense of entitlement switches places with rugged individualism and learning how to deal with the harsh realities of life. Further, the aforementioned article points to a study related to parental overindulgence and protectiveness to promote unrealistic expectations in their children. As a result, younger generations accept the simplicity of their over-valued sense of pretentious validation. Narcissistic regression festers widely.

As though a fairy tale of imaginative frivolity, festering deep in the folds of organic neural activity, the illusion of “mind” foments every torture one can find. Self-interest is extraordinarily an individual proclivity, forsaking the interests of others for the individuation of egoistic satiation. Yet, there is the cry of the holy adherent proclaiming their reinvention of social justice. In reality though, there is nothing new under all the planets and stars of the universe. To that, lurking just below the surface, the human element knows its own deception. Many will gnash their teeth, rent their attire, anoint with the ash of burnt offerings and wail to the contrary.

For the hard-core, “X-rated”, and cynical criminologist, the superficiality of unscientific conjecture of modern times is quite entertaining. In addition, along with this suspiciousness of typically the classical criminologist, the viewpoint scoffs at the hypocrisy of contemporary sociological speculation. Of this, there seems to be a paradox within the vast “flat earth” realm of the “social studies” arena. Picture for the moment a huge colosseum just for the playful fun. Consider something like a Roman gladiator showground. Upper class elitists love this kind of stuff. They always have and they always will enjoy being spectators for the kill.

Nonetheless, image the competition among the various schools of thought. Entering the arena of portentous expectations, each fights to insist their perspective is the correct one. So, academically speaking, or politically seeking, even socially tweaking, the diversity of philosophical pontification claims the immediacy of definitive explanation. In reality, up against real science, there are no absolute final and complete singularities. Obviously, in this contest not many are skilled in the arts of war, or the tactics of physical combat. No, instead, the various factions, kind of like cults, close ranks around their particular “language”.

That is their weaponry, jargon is the sword, and anecdote is the shield, while the regurgitation of unscientific babble is the spear. Imagine if one had to defend their pretend “science” against the real point of a razor-sharp blade. And so, absent serious challenge and serious questioning, the theoretical hyperbole, across mainstream infotainment, gets away with fraud, fiction and often clever con artistry. So well accepted in a devolving culture, where the average level of literacy is in the realm of middle school, “psychic magicians” can get away with anything.

As the “stadium” of intellectual regression continues, the faux combatants contrive their various psychosocial schemes to perpetuate what might be viewed as a paradox. While some fortune tellers read their crystals balls, there emerges a paradox. Many of the psychics will admonish the confused proselytes to “stop blaming others, or other things” for the necessity to grow up.



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