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Hire Top Lawyer for Child Custody Certificate

Hire Lawyer for Child Custody Certificate:

If you wish to obtain the child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associate. For Child Custody in Pakistan, You need to choose ADV Jamila Ali. Complete Information Available For Child Custody Law in Pakistan on Our Website. Family Court had fixed interim maintenance allowance when the petitioner had not filed his written statement nor had he placed on record any evidence of his financial condition or any documentary evidence in support of actual educational fee of the children for child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan.

Family Court:

Family Court did not have the opportunity to examine the documents in defense for an appropriate order regarding interim maintenance allowance. After filing a written statement and placing documentary evidence on record, the petitioner could request the court for proper orders regarding provisional maintenance allowance. Family Court would not be denuded of its jurisdiction to pass appropriate orders to meet the ends of justice regarding (monthly) interim maintenance allowance.

Certificate of Child Custody:

Such assessment could be regulated by the court, keeping the material that the parties place on record for child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan. Such inspection, if finally varied, did not amount to review of the order, nor did it attract the principle of res judicata. The legislature, in its wisdom, did not provide for an appeal against interim order for the payment of monthly maintenance allowance during the suit. Therefore, any indulgence in the Constitutional jurisdiction would circumvent the legislature’s intent, which possibly could not be countenanced.

Family Lawyer in Lahore:

The constitutional petition for child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan was dismissed accordingly. No express provisions existed in the Family Courts Act, 1964 itself, which provided the Family Court with authority to either strike off the right to file a written statement or close right of a defense party and did not contain any provision to the effect that the party’s right to evidence or file a written report could not be closed. Even if it provided said party with sufficient opportunities to fie the written word.

Family Court:

Family Court was empowered to ensure advancement and promote the ends of justice, not inconsistent with the Act itself.  The amount fixed by the Family Court could not be termed excessive or inconsistent with the apparent financial status of the father in the given circumstances of child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan. Father was under legal and moral obligation to maintain and support his minor daughter as per Injunction of Islam. Impugned order could not be assailed in the constitutional petition as the statute did not provide any appeal against an interlocutory order.

Impugned Order:

The impugned order was neither void initio nor without jurisdiction and not a final order—Amount of Rs. 10,000/- per month as interim maintenance was sufficient to meet the day-to-day expenses of a minor daughter who was only one and a half years old for child custody certificate through family lawyer in Pakistan. While passing the temporary maintenance, Family Court was required to give the bare minimum to the minor. For All kind of case Like Court Marriage, Khula & Divorce, Family & Civil suit etc. we are here available for u.



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