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‘I don’t need your sympathies’ – Dua Zehra slams critics in latest video

The Dua Zehra case continues to cause furore online. Another interview with Dua, a minor girl who mysteriously disappeared in Karachi, later revealed that she fled to marry Zaheer Ahmed 21 years old.

Dua spoke out about a variety of issues in her most recent interview with Zunaira Mahum, a YouTuber who has been widely criticised for her interactions with the teenager.

Dua addressed all speculation and news about her case and said: “Stop lying. I don’t need sympathy. I know how much I care for you.” Respect my husband. You are implying that he is a member of a gang. Stop claiming this.

Zunaira asked Dua about people who wish karma for her. Dua replied, “I will maintain friendly relations with my daughter. So that she doesn’t run, I will be her friend and she can talk to me about such matters whenever she likes.”

Zehra sent a message to her parents asking them to “set aside their stubbornness and embrace me and my husband.” She also stated that she had not been kidnapped, and that this was something her parents knew from the beginning.

A local court in the country’s financial capital had previously directed officials to create a medical board for Dua Zehra’s age determination.

Local media reports that a Karachi judicial magistrate had ordered the creation of a medical board following Dua’s father Mehdi Kasmi challenging the verdict of the Sindh High Court in the Supreme Court. His petition was dismissed last week.

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