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Indians celebrating the victory of Pakistan will be slapped with the wrath of sedition

LUCKNOW: The most populous state of India could be facing sedition charges for praising Pakistan’s win during last week’s T20 World Cup match against India Authorities announced on Thursday, one day after apprehension of three students at a university for social media posts celebrating the victory.

Pakistan triumphed overwhelmingly over India in The Twenty20 World Cup on Sunday in its first ever victory in cricket against its neighbor in this type of match and triggered celebrations both at home as well as in Kashmir.

“Those celebrating Pakistan’s victory will face sedition,” the office of Yogi Adityanath, head of the northern Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, said on Twitter along with a image of a news article.

If the offence is found to be true is punishable by a maximum sentence of life prison.

Adityanath’s office has instructed the state police to take action in accordance with the specifics in each instance, explained the official in charge of state information Navneet Sehgal. She added that police would make a decision whether to charge someone based upon their investigations.

Social media posts praising the victory of Sunday by Pakistan were written by three Kashmiri students from one of the colleges located in Kashmir’s city of Agra According to a police report on Tuesday, which was scrutinized and analyzed by Reuters.

The three were detained in the late hours of Wednesday, said city Police official Saurabh Singh, who was accused of encouraging enmity between various groups and alarming the public.

Within the Kashmir valley, officials said police received complaints regarding celebrations held at two medical schools after the victory of Pakistan.

Authorities have said that six persons were in custody in nearby Jammu in a social media hub where posts show around two dozen persons expressing joy following India’s defeat.

“The investigation is going on,” said the official in charge of the area Anuradha Gupta.

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