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Is that India still in World Cup t20 or dependent now?

Indian players will feel the same emotions that an Pakistani fan experiences as they’ll be focusing on the performance of other teams participating in group 2 in the ICC T20 World Cup, to ensure that the Kohli XI could stand a possibility of being able to make it through the next phase of the massive event.

India is lowest of the table along alongside Scotland having lost the game to Pakistan in the first two games. New Zealand in the first two matches. Kohli’s team will face three teams lower in the days ahead.

India has an NRR that is -1.609 It is not just looking to increase the run-rate by taking the remaining three games, but also hoping to make some big upsets with New Zealand, and probably Pakistan too.

The group in India has been dominated by Pakistan with three wins in three games, while Afghanistan is able to win two games in three matches. New Zealand and Namibia, on the other hand have only one win from two games.

Pakistan is scheduled to play Namibia in the next match, as does Scotland and it’s extremely unlikely that either of them can stop the Babar Azam-led team’s undefeated streak in the tournament.

If there is a team from India would like to upset Pakistan the most likely one is Scotland. Pakistan only need one more win in order to confirm their spot in the semi-final of the tournament.

India is scheduled to play Afghanistan this Wednesday Abu Dhabi, which will be a crucial game for the Afghans. If Afghanistan can beat India and Kohli’s team will be eliminated.

To remain alive in the tournaments, India must not only beat the competition, but also be able to win the Afghanistan match by an impressive margin, in order to increase its NRR and reduce its NRR in Afghanistan. It stands at +3.754.

Before facing Afghanistan, India will also be keenly watching this New Zealand vs Scotland game. Although New Zealand will enter the game as clear favourites, Indian will still hope to see a surprise from Scotland in the game against Kiwis.

In the unlikely scenario of Scotland defeating New Zealand, the Indians are likely to feel more energetic, but they’ll need be able to defeat Scotland on Friday in order to keep their hopes alive. Prior to India’s game against Scotland, New Zealand will play Namibia. The Kiwis will be the favourite team to win this match.

Therefore that if Scotland defeats New Zealand, New Zealand beats Namibia and India beats both Scotland and Afghanistan and Afghanistan, then India, New Zealand and Afghanistan will be awarded the same number of points.

If New Zealand beats Scotland, Namibia beats New Zealand and India wins against Afghanistan and Scotland If Scotland and Afghanistan win, New Zealand, Namibia, Afghanistan and India will be tied at four points each (assuming Pakistan will defeat Namibia on Tuesday].

In any case, India will be keenly watching the Afghanistan match between Afghanistan and New Zealand game. If the team that wins this match will have six points in the table. India is scheduled to play its final match against Namibia on November 8th. the team will know then what NRR it needs to be able to achieve in that game.

With Afghanistan’s massive NRR +3.097, India wouldn’t want to draw with Afghanistan on points , and would prefer for the Afghan side to lose to New Zealand as well. To them, beating New Zealand’s NRR is more straightforward, as it stands at +0765.

India’s NRR is currently -1.609 The Kohli team will need be able to work hard to get them to be one of the two best teams in the tournament, and, in addition to an intense amount of work Also, they should be hoping that Namibia or Scotland to create some shocks.

The only choice they’d be left with is to think about the flight they will need to take to return home.

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