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Kapil Sharma Speaks Out On The Shutdown of His Show

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma’s hit show The Kapil Sharma Show has now completed more than 500 episodes. The show’s comedy is a huge hit with the viewers since it began to air on Colors with the name Comedy Night with Kapil.

The comedian has shared the backstory behind the creation of his show. He also shared how he fought through the difficult time in his life in which he had to close the show which earned him fame in the eyes of the audience.

Speaking about the time in which he was sacked and his show was taken off the air, Kapil Sharma said he gained a lot from that period of his life. “At the time I began to doubt people. People would make a statement in my face, and then something else in my back. I shut down my show even though no one asked me to do it,” Kapil said.

At the time of the most risky situation there was Kapil Sharma’s spouse Ginny who stood by him. Kapil is grateful to her for being the “strong pillar” as his mother “had no idea about what mental illness is, she is an innocent person from a village.” Kapil claimed that he did not know about mental illness, and he only learned information about it via the news media. Sharma stated that his mother Ginni who inspired him to begin his show once more.

“I took the decision to confront those who criticized me through my show. I realized that it was my show that earned me the respect of the public and recognition. When will you stop fighting the people on Twitter? (laughs). It was that experience which taught me lots.” Kapil added.

Kapil Sharma also explained the reason his show began in the first place. He explained the situation by declaring “I was invited into his Colors office. They wanted to know if I was willing to be hosting Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. They asked me what I need to do. They told me that you and Maniesh Paul will host the event. I agreed and they requested me to meet with BBC the house of production.” Kapil told this to RJ Nishant in an interview.

Kapil said, “I went there and there, when she looked at me told me “Aap bahut mote hain. Aap thoda wazan kamkaro (You are extremely fat. Reduce some of your weight). I said to Colors”What’s the deal with the matter?’ Then, the channel called her, and told her that the host was great, let’s bring him on the panel as host and we’ll look into losing weight in the future. So I asked them “Why don’t we make an entertainment show?”

In response to the basis of his idea, the station requested Kapil to let him know if he has any idea of what the channel was asking for, to which Kapil accepted although there was no clue. Kapil asked for two days, and then went to his to his home to think of what could he do to improve his performance.

“I enjoyed doing standup, sketch comedy, costume comedy. So I thought of bringing together all the things I’m good at and combine them into one show. I pitched the idea and they wanted to know how long I would take. I provided them with the facts. After stand-up, gags, celebrity interviews, and so on the rest, only five minutes were left. When the show was filmed the length was increased to 120 minutes. They requested only 70 minutes of material. It was difficult to edit it.” Kapil shared.

He said the team and he had planned just 25 episodes, but due to the appreciation that he received from the viewers it grew to 500 episodes. It is now in the air.

Kapil Sharma Show Kapil Sharma Show is shown the show on Sony TV on weekends at 9.30 at night.



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