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‘Lahore’ the heart of Pakistan Buses go live in London

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London: The stunning city of Lahore is being projected across the globe with the legendary red London buses launching featuring the “Lahore -the Heart of Pakistan” branding placed on the busy roads of London.

The campaign has been created to draw attention to the rich cultural heritage of the capital city of Punjab, and to promote the softness of Pakistan -its beauty and its cultural heritage — in a city such as London which is regarded as the capital city of the world because many people of every nation live there.

The buses go through bustling areas in Westminster without the UK Parliament

The buses go through bustling areas in Westminster without the UK Parliament 10. Downing Street, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, St John’s Wood, Marble Arch as well as Kensal Green.

These 150 busses, adorned with banners displaying Lahore’s beauty start their journeys at bus stop points in the middle of zones 1 or Zone 2 before entering central London with a total of the course of 5,000 kilometers per day.

The initiative was launched by a private company that deals in housing to encourage investment in Lahore following the Punjab government announced offers for those who are who are interested in investing in Pakistan.

The same company recently announced the start of the $30 million high-end development plan in the middle of Lahore as well as their partnership with a renowned Italian designer, Versace Ceramics.

Zeeshan Shah is one of the organizers of the campaign stated that Lahore has seen an urban transformation worth $10 billion in the last few years, establishing its position as the economic and cultural center of Pakistan.

“It’s the most sought-after place to invest in Pakistan and that’s the message we’d like to send to the world via London the capital of the world,” he said, noting that for the next the course of four weeks, millions people will travel on these buses that showcase the beauty and diversity of Lahore.

Shah claimed that the buses were made in celebration of the beauty and splendor of Lahore in particular, since Pakistan is renowned for its beauty, especially Lahore’s historic heritage.

The former contestant on The Apprentice said the buses will leave an unmatched visual impact on the millions of pedestrians, particularly tourists who have returned to London after the COVID-19 ban was lifted last month.

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