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Okamura voted SPD. As he said, elections concern the direction of the country.

Okamura reported to reporters that he canceled his vote this afternoon at the election to the parliamentary district he represents located in Prague’s Brevnov. He has voted for the SPD movement.

According to the president, it is a key aspect of the elections which is the direction for the Czech Republic in the next four years. “Whether we’re headed to Brussels in the direction of ending Czech sovereignty and autonomy or whether we want to preserve this Czech Republic in the way we recognize it. I’m for the latter option,” the Czech leader told reporters.

He emphasized his belief that the structure of the House is important as the lower chamber of Parliament is able to take over the Senate and President. “And that’s why I believe it’s important for all citizens to participate during the election,” he said. The more people who participate and the higher the turnout, the more it can reflect the views of the people who are able to vote, he says. When asked if his phone was in the voting booth and if he was, he said he was happy with the person he chose to vote for according to members of the SPD movement. He’d like to be able to vote in accordance with the proposed rules.

Okamura is remembered in the afternoon at the construction of an exclusive primary school in Prague’s Brevnov. A large number of people of all ages went to the polling booths in the school’s building 2 at 2 pm. Parents were also voting together with their kids. Many voters were shocked at the number of reporters. “We have a well-known neighbor,” one of the former voters said.



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