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Pakistani doctor successfully implanted the genetically modified heart of a pig in US man

First time the history of, a heart from a pig is implanted into an individual within the United States.

The surgery that was successful, and considered to be a milestone in the area of medical science was carried out by the Pakistani doctor Dr. Mansoor Mohiuddin. They were joined by the other doctors of the University of Maryland.

A report released in the BBC said that the procedure of implanting a heart from a pig into the human was inevitable after there was no hope remaining to save David Bennet’s existence.

“We researched about the genetic makeup of a pig’s heart and learned to genetically modify it in any way through different genetic techniques.”

“Experiments have been done on a monkey’s heart for heart transplants for humans in the past, but they did not work out. However, the experiment on a pig’s heart did.”

“We examined all animals to find out which of them is closest to humans and found a pig suitable for the experiment,” said the researcher. said.

When discussing the genetics of a pig the Dr Mohiuddin stated that pigs grow quickly with their heart size. one month old pig is nearly the size of a human’s heart. In addition, there are additional reasons why the researchers conducted studies on an animal.

In discussing the long-term survival for the person who received the transplanted heart Dr. Mohiuddin declared that the patient as well as the implanted heart must be closely monitored after the transplant.

“We have to see whether the human body accepts a foreign organ or not because sometimes it happens that the implanted organ works fine but it is the body that doesn’t get along,” Dr. Mohiuddin stated.

In response to questions about the cost of a heart transplant in a pig The doctor replied that since these procedures are covered in America and in other countries and therefore, the cost of the procedure is not significant.

“However, the main expenditure was made on genetically modifying a pig’s heart because it is a very lengthy procedure and we took genes from different pigs to do the job so it cost around $500,000,” he explained.

Doctors claim that the recipient of a heart transplant is doing well for three days after they performed the “experimental seven-hour procedure.”

BBC reported Bennet as declaring “it was either die or do this transplant,” just a few days before the operation.

“I know it’s a shot in the dark, but it’s my last choice,” said the man.

In the report the US medical regulator granted doctors from the University of Maryland a special permission to perform the procedure as a lifesaving attempt due to the fact that Bennet was declared unsuitable for an organ transplant because of his health issues.

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