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Pakistan’s COVID-19 positive rate drops to its lowest level since March 2020

ISLAMABAD – Tuesday’s drop in Pakistan’s COVID-19 positivity rates to 0.94% was the first since March, last year when data began being collected by the government on the pandemic.

In Pakistan, the coronavirus positivity rate has been consistently below 2% for the past three weeks. There have also been fewer than 1,000 daily infections in the last week. The daily death count and hospitalizations have dropped as well, which indicates an improvement in Pakistan’s COVID-19 situation.

After 42,373 blood tests, 400 people were confirmed to have the virus on Tuesday according to the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

Pakistan is reporting 514 new infections on average each day, 9% of the peak — the highest daily average reported on June 17. Photo: file

In the meantime, eleven people died from the virus, and 277 others were able to recover. The total number of active cases is now 22,845, with 1,226,157 having been recovered.

Since the outbreak, there have been 1,277 560 infections and 28,558 deaths from coronavirus-related causes in the country.

Pakistan reports 514 new infections per day on average, which is 9% less than the peak reported on June 17.

So far, the country has administered at most 111,967.455 doses COVID vaccines. If everyone needs two doses of COVID vaccines, it’s sufficient to have vaccinated approximately 25.9%.

The average daily doses in Pakistan during the past week was 832,600. It will take another 53 days to give enough doses to 10% more people at that rate.



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