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Shah Rukh Khan-Nayanthara-Priyamani movie directed by Atlee inspired by Money Heist?

On Friday, Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara and Priyamani started shooting for Tamil director Atlee’s upcoming pan India film in Pune. It is expected to be an action-packed thriller with Shah Rukh Khan playing a double role. We now have exclusive information about the film.

It’s a typical Atlee movie with all the commercial trappings. There are many twists and turns throughout the story, but Money Heist is the inspiration for one sub-plot. At a crucial juncture, SRK’s negative character forms a team and organizes the largest bank heist ever. Sources say that the character on the other side of law is basically a robber by profession but with strong backstory.”Bollywood Hungama.

This track sets the tone for the film. It leads to a confrontation between Shah Rukh Khan’s two characters, with the second being a cop/special agent. There are many other aspects to Atlee’s screenplay and the heist is only one of many surprise elements. We are about to see the most entertaining Masala performers of today,” the source said. Atlee and his team of writers created the entire screenplay. Red Chillies’ creative team was also involved in the script development process.

Sunil Grover plays a key role in the movie. However, details about his character have been kept secret. Interestingly, SRK’s Red Chillies was once toying with the idea that Money Heist could be remade in Hindi with Netflix. The idea was scrapped after multiple script development sessions. It seems that Atlee has chosen to include one subplot from the script. We can’t wait for SRK to add his own twist to Professor.



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