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Six smart ways to avoid gaining weight after eating out

The most challenging aspect of losing weight is controlling your cravings. There are many people who stick to their diet or exercise routine but have no keep track of their food cravings, which can be a problem for their efforts to lose weight. It is even more challenging when others around you pressure you to eat as if there’s no time for tomorrow.

If you’re following losing weight and are planning to go out with your group of friends, here are some suggestions to help you avoid needless eating out and resulting in weight increase.

1. Do not go out empty stomach

The most effective way to avoid eating junk food is to keep your body full. If you are already feeling full even the most appealing food items will not entice you. Therefore, the next time you go to eat dinner, or to an event take a bite before leaving. You lose control of yourself when you’re hungry. If you’re stressed it is advisable to have a protein shake.

2.​Focus on eating protein

If you don’t have an option or can’t eat something else, eat protein. It isn’t fried. Tofu, paneer tikka and chicken tikka are all options. You can choose to grill or steam your food. You should not consume too much spicy sauce. Sauces can be high in calories so it is best to eat them in moderation.

3. Say NO to alcohol

Alcoholism is a serious problem. You need to be responsible. All the hard work that you’ve done over the past days can be damaged by alcohol. Alcohol can make it difficult to exercise the next day. To stop drinking alcohol, you can drink water, soda, or lemonade.

4. Do not have fries

Fries can disturb your macro balance. Fries can add thousands of calories to your body with their extra fats and carbs. A tasty salad will fill you up quicker and keep you busy.

5. ​Carry some food with you

It’s not funny and it can be a lifesaver. Your homemade food can be your best friend when you are starving and can’t see the healthy food you have around you.

6.​Count your macros

You can cut down on calories if you follow a strict calorie-restrictive diet. If you follow a 2000-calorie diet, you can consume 800 calories per day and still have enough to enjoy the party. A 200g chicken breast will have 250 calories. Even adding condiments won’t make it more than 300 calories.



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