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Three New Ways Facebook Helps Brands Manage their Content and Communities

Facebook has unveiled several updates following its State of Small Business Report. These include the ability to edit and schedule posts, making it easier for brands across all its apps to manage their businesses.

According toFacebookThe most recent State of Small Business ReportMore than half of them (55%() Small businesses report that they use digital tools to communicate their ideas with customers.

Following this research, the platform revealed several new features and tools to assist businesses in connecting with customers online and growing their communities.

Businesses that have already used the redesigned Facebook Pages experience since January will be able to access additional features. The platform also allows you to manage your business and search for relevant content from other businesses.

Businesses can also engage through their business profile, streamlining mundane tasks like commenting, liking, and posting. After a user has taken the time to hover over a specific update or post, they will be able to tap through a dedicated feed of Listings from these Pages that might align with their top interests.

Facebook recommends that you use the Professional Dashboard to help save time when managing your business account. It serves as a central hub and provides access to all key tools, as well as actionable Page Information. Last tip: Administrators can be granted task-based permissions that will allow you to monitor who has access.

“The need for digital business communications and transactions isn’t slowing down, and we’re continuing to build products that meet the evolving needs of people and businesses as they look to do more online,” Facebook shared in the official announcement. Facebook is focusing on quality over quantity with a few notable updates.

The new “A”Conversion LeadsAdvertisers can set Lead Ads goals to maximize lead and most likely rather than pure volume. To put it another way, Lead Ads should be focused on functionality rather than just reach. Facebook can also integrate with your CRM data. According to the platform, Conversion Leads quality optimization led to lead ads with an average of more than 80%.20%Comparable to existing optimization, conversion rates from lead-to-sale have increased.

Facebook introduced Messenger templates to help build long-term relationships. Newsome Interactive included Messenger in its lead-generation strategy during the testing phase. It saw more than 50,000 people using Messenger.13 percent lift in lead volume.

Finally, a new “Call AdsAdvertisers will be able to use the ‘Call Now” CTA button in their ads. This will allow advertisers to connect with consumers immediately and improve Call Ads’ overall performance. It also lowers the cost per call. Facebook reported that it saw a more than 30% cost reduction per quality call in the testing compared to using Call Ads with Link Clicks optimization.



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