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Why Canada Is the Best Place For Immigration 2022

According to numerous surveys, Canada Immigration is consistently ranked among the top places to live. US News & World Report ranked Canada as the top country in the world. It is largely due to its accessibility to education, high quality health care (Canada has a universal system of healthcare), and low crime rates. It is no surprise that Canada is becoming a preferred destination for international students.

Canada’s Population

Canada is home to 36.7 million people. Most Canadians are European immigrants, a mix of early French and British colonists and later immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe. In the second half of 20th century, there was a significant increase in immigrants from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Canada currently has more than 260 ethnicities. The country is home to large numbers of First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and other aboriginal people. hof is the canada immigration consultants in dubai

Canadian Values for Immigration

Canada is a vast country with a wide range of people, landscapes, and climates. The Canadian way of living will differ from one person to another. Canadians are open to many religions and more than 20 percent don’t have any religious affiliation. Canadians share many important values, including pride, respect for others, equality, diversity and a belief that everyone is equal. These values are what make Canada a safe, friendly, peaceful, and secure country to live in.

Canada’s Geography

Canada is located in North America’s northern half and is the second largest country in the world. The majority of Canada’s population lives within a few hundred meters of its southern border, despite its size. The St. Lawrence River is Canada’s most important river, with a length of 3,058 km and providing a route for ships to reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Great Lakes.

Canada’s Climate

Canada’s climate can be as diverse as its people. The northern regions of Canada have a harsh, arctic climate. However, most of that region is uninhabited. The southernmost regions of Canada that are home to the largest population, located along the US border, experience four seasons per year. The summers are hot and the winters last longer than the summers in most parts of the country. The rainfall is variable, with some areas experiencing heavy snowfalls.

The Great Lakes’ moderate influence makes winters less severe in the south. The southern summers are more humid and longer than the northern ones. Average temperatures hover around 20oC between mid-June and mid-September. Winter lows as low as -25oC are not unusual. It is expected that spring and autumn temperatures will be milder than in the winter.

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Canadian Provinces

Canada is comprised of ten provinces, and three territories. From west to east, Canada’s provinces include British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia. Newfoundland and Labrador. The territories include the Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories.

The country’s size is impressive, but the majority of Canada’s inhabitants live in concentrated areas of cities and towns located within 100 kilometres of the US border. Canada’s population density is 3.9 people per square kilometre, which makes it one of the least populous countries in the world.

Canada has English and French as its official languages. English is the mother language for approximately 59% of Canadians and French is the first language for 23%. 18% of Canadians have either more than one language or a mother tongue other than English or French.

The Official Language Act declares English and French to be the official languages of Canada. It also provides for special measures that aim to support the vitality of English-speaking minority communities and enhance their development. Canada’s federal institutions offer bilingual services to reflect equality between its two official languages.
Panjabi, Spanish and Arabic are all other languages that Canada speaks. Cree, Inuktitut and Innu/Montagnais are the most popular Aboriginal languages.

Canada’s Social Life Immigration

Canada is a huge country so it is important to have a social life and activities. Depending on where you are located, you might be just a short drive away or a short flight from unique activities like:

You can visit Niagara Falls, explore Banff National Park, ski in Whistler, or sight-see on Prince Edward Island.

The benefits of hiring an experienced immigration consultant

1. You can save your precious time and money

It takes 6-12 months to complete the immigration process. The visa fee is expensive and non-refundable. Every mistake made in applying for a visa is a loss of time and money.

2. We can help you choose the best option

A skilled immigration consultant will help you choose the best category (or the right program) to apply for immigration. Guide you in choosing the most suitable profile to ensure that your application is stronger and increases the chances of being approved.
Immigration has risen to a high level.

3. Keep you informed about any changes

The government regulates immigration rules and there have been changes. If there are any changes to the immigration rule or occupation list, an immigration consultant will keep you informed.

4. This guide will help you to properly document your activities

Documentation is the most important part of immigration. Any mistakes made in the process can lead to rejection of visas. A consultant can help you with the documentation and also offer alternatives if you don’t have the document you need.

5. Communication with the Government Authorities

Because best canada pnp consultants in dubai is a matter of the government, you will need to interact with different govt. authorities. Most people don’t know much about immigration and find it difficult. Consultants can interact with the majority of the authorities on your behalf.

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